Control what people say on your site

Moderators review messages, posts and comments that people share on your site, in real time.



Only content in accordance with your terms and conditions of use is approved.

Inappropriate content is refused and stored in your history. An analysis report allows you to identify and quantify its nature. 

Low cost

Your peace of mind and the complete outsourcing of the moderation of your site costs you only 0.05$/500 characters, whatever the nature of the moderated content (messages, comments, posts...)


Thanks to a large network of users working permanently from their computer or smartphone, your content is moderated within an average of 2 minutes. This way, your users can see their content published almost immediately!

Happy Customers

50+ companies use our service, it's your time now!

"This service is great. It allowed me to no longer have to check daily what members were saying on the site. As we know, on this type of site people often disagree and debates sometimes go off in insults. Thanks to Buddle and their speed of execution, 100% of the content published on our site is in accordance with our policy."

Christina Beard, Movie review site owner

You want a demo?

Request a meeting with a member of our team in 10 seconds. He will study your needs with you and propose you to set up a demo in a few minutes. If you like the solution, you won't have to do anything, the system will already be in place!

Finally, it's over wasting time with the moderation of your site! 

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